Undead Audi Allroad

There's one detail on this car, that perfectly sums up the spirit of the build. Sitting atop the usually demure Allroad is an Audi-emblazoned gun boot with a "Remove Before Flight" toggle attached. Gun racks are not common accoutrements in the UK, being that the largest animal we might encounter in the woods is a portly fox. It says, “Do you like the car? No? Well fuck off then”. Which is something the UK scene needs a little more of, if we’re to experience the same diversity that the Far-East seems to be offering.

As the exterior suggests, the performance of this car is well-defined as rip snorting, with it’s owner - Zac being the proud builder of a +1000bhp Ford Falcon. With a straight pipe leaving that turbo just behind the drivers wheel each poke of the throttle provides an addictive squirt of turbo whine, with prolonged presses giving a hearty blow-off whistle. The previous hydraulic suspension has been binned in favour of coilovers which provide a serious drop in height, along with a much more direct feeling to the road. In other words, it eats corners and straights, with a surprising level of - albeit noisy - comfort.

The major aesthetic of the car though is defined by it’s multitude of exterior details. From the genuine carbon fibre wing and vortex generator down to the shotgun shell wheel nuts (Did you spot those?). The look is considered and not just thrown together. Check out the boot, brimming with various military grade jerry cans and fire-extinguishers all neatly colour coded with the paint and various tags adorning the car. When everything is combined, it creates something that stands out against all the slammed Mini’s and Polo’s, whilst looking decidedly more insidious and capable of handling the unforeseen zombie epidemic. It’s a car that deserves your attention and approval, even if it doesn’t care whether it has it.